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Earlobe Repair


Although earrings serve to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the ears, they can lead to changes in the earlobes over time. They can cause stretching, enlargement, and tearing of the earlobes. Additionally, keloids can also occur. Surgery can easily correct these problems and restore the previous appearance of the ear(s).

Earlobe repair in Fayetteville NC  - Before and after image


Under local anesthesia, stretched or torn earlobes are reduced to their natural size through carefully placed incisions. If keloids are present, these are removed and the maximum amount of normal tissue is preserved. A new piercing can be performed at the time of the procedure. The procedure lasts 45 minutes or less and is performed right in our office.


You can expect to return to work or normal activities immediately following the procedure. Wound care instructions will be provided to promote healing. At your return visit a week later, a new gold-studded earring can be placed to mature the new piercing. These will remain in place for 4-6 weeks before exchanging them for normal earrings.

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