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Chin & Cheek Augmentation

In order to exhibit facial harmony, all of the pieces of the puzzle must fit. Strong cheek bones and an adequately projected chin help to accentuate the qualities of the overlying soft tissue. Furthermore, the profile of the nose must match the profile of the chin to achieve balance. Therefore, chin augmentation may be recommended at the time of a rhinoplasty (nose surgery).


Cheek augmentation is achieved through hidden incisions inside the mouth. Synthetic, biocompatible implants that are well tolerated by the body are then placed gently over the bones of the cheek. These are customized for each patient to achieve symmetry and appropriate projection. Chin augmentation is achieved through a small hidden incision below the chin in a natural skin crease. The synthetic implant is customized for each individual patient and is then gently placed over the bone of the chin. The incisions are then meticulously closed. The length of these procedures is generally under 1 hr. These procedures can be performed with local anesthesia, conscious sedation, or general anesthesia. Together with Dr. Blanks the appropriate anesthetic plan will be determined.


With chin implants, swelling and pain is usually very minimal. A dressing will be placed over the chin to prevent movement of the implant. Patients can expect to return to work in a couple of days. Cheek implants generally cause more swelling of the face. With cheek implants, you can expect to return to work within a week of surgery. All of the sutures for these procedures dissolve on their own and do not require removal.

Before & After

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